Today we will:

  1. Discuss news of the world
  2. Hear a Newscheck from Nancy and Eric and Billy
  3. Discuss your pieces
  4. Discuss RPC — and passive vs active
  5. Take time for individual help



  • Assignment 1 due Thursday 9/26
  • Read “The Silent Season of a Hero”
  • Newscheck by Paulo, Amanda and Peter G.

What Can We Learn from John Stewart? Humor and Journalism

Today we will:

  • Discuss the news of the world
  • Discuss RPC (quickly)
  • Discuss humor and what makes us laugh, particularly John Stewart and Stephen Colbert



  1. Read Dave Barry humor pieces — think about why they make you laugh
  2. Work on Assignment 3 rewrite due Tuesday April 16
  3. Final piece — Assignment 4 — due the last day of class

Journalism and the Law

Today we will discuss:

The US Constitution





Chicago Tribune

ESPN and Ohio State


Ohio State

The best way to get information is to understand what you are entitled to see.

US Constitution – Bill of RIghts


FOIA letter generator




How ancient philosophy can help you get an A in this class

Today we will:

  • take a walk through ancient philosophy and learn how Socrates, Hammurabi, Mohammed and Matthew can boost your grade in this class.
  • discuss four ethical theories
  • talk about how these theories apply to journalism
  • talk
  • discuss the teams for Debate 1

This class should give you a backbone for how to approach scenarios in this class. If you miss this class, you should see me AND talk to a classmate about what was covered.

 Take notes. Ask questions.


  •  truth-telling
  • promise-keeping
  • respecting confidentiality
  • right to privacy
  • fostering fairness
  • justice
  • minimizing harm
  • avoiding conflicts of interest
  • fulfilling journalist’s responsibility to inform the public about relevant information even when it is unpopular to do so.

Philosophers who can help you




Immanuel Kant

Niccolo Machiavelli

Golden Rule




 Read for Sept 11:

American Journalism Review: Why top editors publish what is secret  —

NYT –Explanation for publishing banking records




Read for Sept 13:


Test post

This is what I have to say today…….

Multimedia journalism


Gay Marriage

Violent video games


Features as video:

Turtle Man

Videos/photos that contribute to features

Chasing the Swell

Multimedia that adds to stories — number crunching — graphics

Las Vegas Sun: Painkillers

Pop U lation


informational photos

Passive photos

Active photos

Photo elements: light, rule of thirds, point of entry, movement, perspective, mood, personality

The language of the image:

Concluding column


Columns are great avenues for newspaper editors and reporters to express their opinions, provide insight to certain topics or provide a voice for voiceless ones in the community they serve in. More or less, columns writers have the freedom to write about whatever he or she may want.

But that freedom for me, for whatever reason, caused me to have a case of writer’s block on Thursday, when my final column at The Spectrum was due.

My last column had to do with Christmas.


I considered doing a “goodbye” column saying farewell to UB or an inspirational column of what I learned during my college experience. But, I decided against both. I already did a “goodbye” column, sort of, and also felt they were too cliche and over done. I wanted to do something new and different.

That led me to think about current events. I didn’t feel too passionate about anything in the news on the world, national or local scale. Nothing tickled my fancy so I moved on.

I then began thinking about the time of year. It’s December and therefore Christmastime. I wondered if I could write something along the lines of the Holiday season. On top of it, how many people can say they left a publication on a festive note?

I began to think about what Christmas has meant to me throughout the years, wondering if there was any lesson I learned or interesting antidote I could write about in my column slot.

Eventually, I figured it out, and left my final mark with The Spectrum.