Mediated Stardom.

Don’t be surprised if your favorite artist strikes in 2010.

Thanks to illegal downloads, album sales are lower than ever.

As the trend ceases to end, artist look for new ways to attract public interest.

Mix tapes, books, cameos and talk shows are popular ways to use the media to stir up buzz.

Journalism may have found its significant other after all. Journalism meet promotion Promotion is about half your age and double your net worth. Together you can make ‘talentlessness’ cool

No wonder Lil Wayne and Miley Cyrus break records,  Oprah Winfrey talks about them.

Now that the Internet has made downloading easy for listeners bloggers can help with sales too. Just go  write a story on your favorite artist from your favorite blog site, post it and viola. Your favorite artist will rise in popular votes.

Rapper Drake has ” a buzz louder than a beehive.” Over the past year, Drake has broken music and newspaper headlines. If Drake plans to sell his reckoned million copies,  he will have to keep his album in the lime light. The media has already helped sustain that light by promoting Drake’s latest project: ‘Thank Me Later’

If journalism could focus as much attention on music as they do hippie rock concerts,  artists may have a second shot at breaking those old Beatles records.

It will be hard for our favorite artists to break records in this recession. Who knows,  bloggers may have more power than you think. Maybe you can use this tactic to promote a  project on your own..                   Grammy Nominee [YOUR NAME HERE]


One response to “Mediated Stardom.

  1. Good post. Sorry it took me so long to read it. Yes. the media has huge control over sales. Scary, no?
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