Writing Instruments Are Advancing

By: Heather Hale

I recently discovered something that I wish had been in existence 3 years ago when I started college.  Although it may be old news to some, the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is one of the handiest gadgets I have seen in a long while. They are marketing it towards college students and journalists in many of the reviews I have read.

A problem that I commonly have, especially in the classroom, is being able to listen to the professor and write down the corresponding notes at the same time. This pen translates the audio into text and then combines that with the notes that are written.  Also included with this pen is a calculator, a fun piano game to entertain your friends, and a headphone jack so it can be used as a normal recorder too.

This could be useful for journalists as well, so that interviews don’t have to feel so much like interviews. Instead of concentrating on getting good notes the interview process can flow more like an informal conversation with the occasional jotting down of notes.

Surprisingly although it came out over a year ago, the price is still not so affordable for a pen. The cheapest version available is still being sold at $180 on their website. The pen also needs specialized paper to work correctly and the cheapest notebook for that is $8 right now.

Although I am not a journalism student, this pen seems like it would be a good investment for those that are.  I am wondering if anyone has ever used one of these pens and what your experience with it was, is it worth it?


One response to “Writing Instruments Are Advancing

  1. Good off beat post, Heather. I don’t know anything about these pens. I plan to find out, though. Thanks!
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