Handwritten Final?

The next class was filling in the room after the final on Thursday, and I couldn’t help wonder why we are handwriting the final exam.

The entire semester we have been doing blogs, getting assignments and grades from UB Learns while also getting e-mails about our field trips. Then I ask Professor Biehl, why was our final in class being handwritten?

Handwriting doesn't allow you to be as creative or as timely with your writing process.

I know I am not the only one who does every writing assignment on their computer.  It is much easier to edit, correct, and even experiment with leads and sentence structures while using Word.  I used the entire class and more to finish the final and still didn’t feel comfortable with everything that I wrote.

I like to read my papers and articles about 1000 times before it is my finished piece.  Probably not the best way to write with deadlines but I am a perfectionist.  The first sentence I write will not be the finished one.

Please don’t take my criticism for the final as a criticism for the class as a whole (my sucking up paragraph).  I felt like the blog was a great way to test new writing and ideas while the field trips added a great visual into the professional world (but sometimes a pain getting to). But the final was just a bad ending to the class’ already technical scene (although some difficulties along the way).

Even if we weren’t in a lab for the final, why couldn’t we have taken it at home?  It’s not like we can cheat on an exam that is already so subjective.

Thank you for being so understanding Jodi, or maybe this is the blog I drop…


5 responses to “Handwritten Final?

  1. WOW

  2. Is that a good wow or a bad wow?

  3. Totally agree! I take several other journalism classes (all with take home papers/finals). My other professors have stressed the fact that we need to be our own readers and out own editors. We were given approximately one hour (after the 15 minute explanation of the exam–which seemed like a waste of time) to write what amount to four articles (ok, one was just 4-6 sentences). None the less, i rushed through the writing hoping to have the opportunity to go back and re-read/edit. No such luck! Jody, please give serious thought to a take home final. You can assign it one day and have us drop it off by a certain time the next day. I think we all would have had better luck and better writing. Perhaps there is a curve 🙂

    • Proof positive, I did not edit this post: our editors instead of “out” editors, amounted in stead of “amount” and I instead of “i”.

  4. Good point about the final. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing as I drove in through the snow, but it was too late. Still, this should never be a problem as this class will NEVER be taught in a regular classroom again. Next time I (or anyone else) teaches it, it will be in a media lab with computer terminals.

    The good news is most people did amazingly well on the final. You, included. I didn’t expect polished pieces. I just wanted to be sure you know how to structure and write a basic story.

    Content: 4
    Links;0 Where are the links?????

    The good news is most people did amazingly well on the final.

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