“Who graduated from school & still reads anymore”

I don’t.

I was listening to Drake’s song “What I’m Thinking Now” when he asked that question. It made me think? – since high school and summer reading I haven’t read a novel. Pathetic right? Well its true.

In the world of Generation Y reading hard copy is a thing of the past, just like using typewriters and writing people letters.

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?

Most teenagers and young adults never leave their house without their cell phone.  I feel naked without mine.

The cell phone is the new American computer.  Understand this.  Within five years, most cell phones will be smart phones, where you word process, access the internet, do Photoshop, email, text and thousands of other applications.

We need to think about using the cell phone as a primary means of getting information and data to people.

Generation Y is a cell phone—not computer—generation.  Understand this!  The cell phone—not the desktop, laptop or netbook—is the weapon of choice for Generation Y.

The newspaper must not just think about the digital age, but it must think about formatting and writing for the cell phone.

That’s right. I mean learning how to write for the cell phone, not the laptop, desktop, or even the netbook, but the cell phone.

Every newspaper ought to have their copy edited especially for cell phone users; we need to produce books and even movies that are specifically designed for the cell phone user.

Many people, for example, check out their phones during short breaks.  So, maybe we need to write more capsule articles, which are cell phone friendly.  We could produce movies that have scenes done in ten minute segment, which are easier to view when you have only a few minutes.

I am just saying that the newspapers have to think ten to twenty years down the road to get ahead in the game.  So, if the cell phone is the future, don’t hitch yourself to just any digital wagon.  My bet is on the cell phone wagon, what’s yours?


2 responses to ““Who graduated from school & still reads anymore”

  1. I’ll hitch my wagon to anything related to optics. Eyeglasses, laser-vision-correction, contacts–you name it! After all, how long do you really think you can stare at a 2″x2″ screen without your eyes crossing?

  2. You’re right Chad. Many people are already doing that. Writing for the Web IS writing for cell phones. The screens are just smaller. But you are right, maybe headlines and sub-heads and photos will have to adapt for small screen size/quality.

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