Accidental First

Sunday night, one of our editors at The Spectrum saw a car crash just outside UB’s Sweet Home Road entrance. Thus a contingent consisting of Ren, our editor-in-chief Steve Marth and I went to the scene to examine what happened.

I didn’t know what to expect. Matt Mosher, our life editor who saw the scene first while out delivering pizza, told us someone might have been killed. But in my previous experiences in hearing second-hand accounts of car crashes, the scenes tend to be less serious than originally told. Therefore, I remained skeptic.

When we pulled up on Audubon Parkway near the accident, we could see several flashing lights from police, fire rescue and ambulance vehicles. I started to think that this could be bad. Then we started taking photos of the wrecked cars. Both vehicles were totaled and how the cars. It got me wondering if someone may have died.

This wreck will be a memorable one for me, not just due to the severity, but because it was the first one I arrived at affiliated with a news agency. I have covered sporting events, elections, press conferences and concerts among other things during my young journalism career, but this was the first instance where I was apart of reporting on something where numerous lives were in danger.

Being so close to people that were visibly very shaken made me feel weird, as I felt sorrow for them being in such a bad predicament. But I also felt excited to be there live to see what had just occured and have some responsibility in trying to tell the story of what went down to our readership. I strangely must say, I hope I have the opportunity to experience this again someday.


One response to “Accidental First

  1. You have all the makings of a journalist! All the instincts, the tingle, the desire to report and know.
    Keep it up!
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