Who You Going to Call…the AP

As we had class yesterday trying to figure out how newspapers decide on which stories are the most important, I thought to myself, many of the stories newspapers use are from the AP.

They have their right to use articles from the AP, after all they bought the right. But then it made me wonder, why can’t newspapers cover the stories themselves?  The AP makes the effort and travels around to get the ground breaking news. Why can’t everyone else? Syracuse is about a 2 and a half hour drive from buffalo but for some reason The Buffalo News still relies on the AP for some of their stories. Along with many other newspapers.

You could argue that small town newspapers don’t have enough money in their budget to do things like that and the AP is saving their butts. Are they really?

One AP story printed in the newspaper is one less article some John Doe at the newspaper lost out on writing. Less $ in his paycheck.


One response to “Who You Going to Call…the AP

  1. You are right, newspapers often do rely too much on the AP. And there is no excuse using an AP story when something breaks near you. Usually reporters write their own pieces and weave in info from the AP.
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