Radio is the Way to Go

By Phil

Don’t these guys ever get tired of listening to their own voices? Don’t I ever get tired of listening to their voices?

I find myself thinking about these questions every time I turn on sports radio in my car.

No doubt about it, I listen to Schopp and the Bulldog on WGR 550 nearly every day.  Actually, everybody around me listens to it because the volume is cranked up so high to hear through my ear muffs.

I mean… we are in Buffalo.

This fact alone shows how skilled these opinionated characters are at what they do. These guys have a four hour slot from 3-7 p.m., five days a week, and with the depressing sports scene in Buffalo, they still manage to be entertaining. These radio voices are creative, humorous and provide an open forum for listeners to chime in.

Radio resembles a prehistoric internet in this sense. Audience participation along with the fact that the DJ’s are opinionated, give radio some aspects that are common in the internet forum.

On the other hand, the hosts of this show also conduct excellent interviews, give in depth analysis and always are on top of the latest breaking news. This proves that they are equipped with great journalistic qualities and skills along with their ability to entertain the listener.

It’s an awesome mix.

I don’t have to search or look anything up. Just turn on the radio, and glue my ear to the speaker. I get the facts along with perspective, and even some laughs.

The best part is, whether I want to argue or agree, all I have to do is hit the speed dial on my cell phone, and give these guys a piece of my mind.


One response to “Radio is the Way to Go

  1. Good post Phil. Radio has an incredibly personal feel because it is a person’s voice coming to us when we are alone — usually in our car. So the announcers have to find a way to be engaging and keep our attention. It’s an amazing and durable form of journalism.

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