Fact checking comedy, what’s funny about that?

Shuttle traveling nearly 18 times speed of light. Really CNN?

By Nick Coluzzi

Fact check this: Saturday Night Live is a comedy show.  It also spoofs people.

It should be assumed that when watching a comedy show that often parodies celebrities and politicians that the skits are meant to be taken lightly.  In other words, what you are watching is meant strictly for laughs.  It you want news, turn on a news channel.

Of course, CNN is unaware of this fact as they felt it necessary to fact check a late night comedy show that been on the air since 1975.

Early October of this year, SNL did a sketch on how President Obama has yet to accomplish anything during his presidency.  CNN took issue with this and decided to check the facts on the sketch.  They found that SNL was not so truthful in portraying Obama’s non-accomplishments.  However, the real news is that CNN fact checked a comedy sketch!

Shortly after CNN made their shocking discovery, SNL makes jokes, Jon Stewart made fun of CNN for fact checking SNL.  He goes on to point out that CNN often doesn’t fact check its own guests and constantly does not finish debates when they are a 24-hour news network.

The story here is that CNN makes itself look bad by fact checking a well-known comedy show.  The kicker is that CNN often lets false information pass through their shows.  What kind of world have we come to when we start fact checking comedy?


One response to “Fact checking comedy, what’s funny about that?

  1. This is hilarious, Nick. I hadn’t seen it. Thanks for pointing it out.
    LInks: 3
    Grammar: 3

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