Job Hunting, again


The job hunt is on.

When this semester concludes, I will be thrust back into the working world. I saw this time coming for a while and viewed November as the month where I buckle down and start looking for my next job.

Thus, when Thanksgiving break came about, I decided to start posting my resume everywhere I could on my days off.

I started with the traditional job Web sites of Monster, CareerBuilder and Yahoo! HotJobs. I also posted one on UB’s Bullseye site, which is strictly for UB students and alumni.

Two other interesting site I discovered were BrightFuse and Jobster. Both of these Web sites operate more like social networking sites than job search engines.

However, my favorite one I found was Journalism Jobs. This site is strictly for journalism-oriented careers and allows you to post your resume and send it directly to employers through it. Journalism Jobs also isn’t cluttered with temp agencies, insurance companies and military recruiters like some of the more notable job sites.

So far, I’ve found one job that I’m crossing my fingers on and hope to hear from soon. Otherwise, I’ve been contacted for debt collector positions, the U.S. Army, a computer technician job in Iowa and to sell

Thanksgiving marked my renewed job search.

insurance. Basically, nothing that truly interests me.

My next step is to set up my portfolio. I will need to accumulate and evaluate all the articles I have written over the past year and send them out to news publications throughout the area. Hopefully, something will pan out even if it’s just freelance work.


One response to “Job Hunting, again

  1. Dave,
    I put a bunch of links for job sites on the JCP Web site. Have a look:

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