Someone has to say it

We have all thought it.

Some of us have kept it to ourselves.  Many of us have discussed it in the elevator ride down from the 10th floor.  The thought:

What is up with this class?  Is she serious?

Perhaps I should illustrate.

  • A five-page, single-spaced, double-sided syllabus.
  • A grading point system that even Fibonacci couldn’t figure out.
  • Twenty six assignments, blogs, tests and exams.
  • Four field trips and two guest speakers.
  • Daily reading of at least two periodicals.
  • A bordering-on-obsessive  use of UB Learns.
  • Over 100 pages of on-line reading.
  • Endless, frustrating and down-right hilarious technical difficulties.
  • A classroom, literally, filled with rubbish.
  • Deadlines, changed deadlines and then more deadlines.

This is a 100 level class, right?

So while I was driving home from UB today contemplating whether I should bother doing blog 11, trying to remember if I had already posted blog 10, attempting to recall which cable station YNN was on and thinking of how to structure my assignment two outline; it came to me.

I think I have finally made sense of this crazy but always interesting class.  Prof. Biehl was trying, in her own hyperactive and enthusiastic way, to teach us to be journalists.

Did she succeed?  You tell me!

Here’s what I learned (note corresponding bullets from above):

  • How to carefully read, analysis and interpret multiple layers of facts.
  • How to not be intimidated by new information/concepts/ideas.
  • How to write, blog and write some more.
  • How to go into new places and speak with new people with confidence.
  • How to stay connected to the world around me.
  • How technology can benefit those who know how to use it.
  • How to stare at a computer for hours without getting dizzy (helpful with on-line research).
  • How to improvise when things don’t go as expected.
  • How to flourish in an imperfect environment.
  • How to meet a deadline.

Wow, I sort of feel more like a journalist now!


2 responses to “Someone has to say it

  1. Jody, this is blog #11 for me. I am hoping to drop the grade on blog #3 (which was an 8/10), so provided this blog scores higher…please drop blog #3. Thanks!

  2. Content:4
    Grammar: 3

    Thanks for the comments, Jennifer.

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