Working from Home: Journalism from The House

More and more, people are beginning to blog or launch their journalism careers from the comfort of their bedroom, kitchen or even their lavatory.

Since nearly everyone has an internet connection at home, the world of online journalism has grown exponentially. For a very small investment, the apartment dweller or homeowner can even run a podcast out of their basement. The living room no longer houses just the television, but often times a mini-studio as well. People now use their living space to convey a diatribe about everyday life.

Soccer moms, sword swallowers and bee-keepers now blog about everything from the economy to the price of pork chops in between loads of laundry and Project Runway re-runs.

The face of journalism is changing from that atop a suit and tie to one above flannel pajamas. People can literally tell any story from anywhere nowadays.

The reason I bring this up is I simply think this revelation in journalism is amazing. When discussing job options with the people at The Buffalo News, I found myself already meeting every criteria as a junior in college. If all it takes to get a job there is some equipment I already have and skills I’ve already been taught then who needs schooling?

Don’t get me wrong, nothing could get be to drop out. However, even the dropouts can become success stories with a little investment of time, money and wherewithall to become the next great journalist.


One response to “Working from Home: Journalism from The House

  1. Good try, but I disagree. You might have some of the skills you need, but what college teaches you is to think and apply those thoughts. It’s the only time in your life which you can dedicate to learning. And the world — particularly that of journalism — needs more learned people. Enjoy your time at UB. Don’t be too anxious for it to end.

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