Not Enough Done

By Teresa Sepulveda

It seems like shootings on Buffalo’s, West Side have become a normal things for neighborhood residents. In the last seven months there have been way over, I’d say 15 shootings on the West Side of this small city that are said to be all connected in some way. It’s unbelievable to think that such violence has not been stopped and is continuing to happen. I have heard rumors and have witness law enforcers attempts to stop the crime but in my opinion not enough has been done.

On Sunday, November 29th I turn the corner on Niagara and Virginia to find a swarm of cop and undercover “narc” cars investigating what looked like yet another potential drive-by homicide. I drove slowly pass the crime scene to investigate for myself what could of happened but was quickly swatted away by an officer. The reason for my curiosity was that of I was not only looking for any evidence of someone I knew but also was looking to see if I spotted any news crews at the site. At the time I didn’t notice any reporters. I didn’t think much of that until today when I decided to write my blog about this topic. I had search all over the internet trying to find something about the shooting and nothing not even a sentence was written about it. At that point I said to myself “We are all giving up!” If things like this, which are happening so often that should be stopped are not being covered by the news then what is the point of local news. These people are supposed to inform the community of the violence that’s going on and what’s being done about it. But if nothing is written or said it just makes people think that shooting or any forms of violence are acceptable in our society.

I think about the people who are committing these crimes. Their probably thinking they can get away with anything and they are because of the lack of involvement from law enforcers and reporters. The more we educate the people of our communities the more involved they might become. I have become tremendously interested in the amount of coverage shootings in my community get, in my own experiences I can tell you that the shooting of my boyfriend was briefly covered but was the first of many brutal shootings in my community. Till this day, it has been seven months and still the people who committed this crime are still out there walking the streets of our city, scary! The cops have had little to tell our family, and little has been done to solve his case and many cases of friends I have lost.

I still haven’t found out any information about the shooting, I know it’s not the last my community will see. I just hope things are done before there’s a next time.

I was unable to find any real useful links to helping out our communities. There is no opinion section on the Buffalo Police site but here are some links that I though might help:

Map of Crimes-
Report a tip to Buffalo Police-
Blog about Buffalo-


One response to “Not Enough Done

  1. Content: 4 Great post Teresa. You make a wonderful point. That is the goal of hyper local news, to get at these underreported stories. You should write to the Buffalo News about this. Talk to students in our class who write for publications. Write about the crimes yourself and see who will publish it. I’d be happy to help edit your piece for you.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 2 Keep at it! You are still making mistakes — sometimes careless ones like in the first line where you say shootings have become a normal things — there is no reason for that plural — you know that. Reread your copy carefully.

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