Give This Guy A Break

Tiger Woods' family is in for some tough times.

By Phil

So, Tiger Woods was cheating on his wife, they got into a fight, she hit him with a golf club and chased him down in a golf cart, causing Woods to crash his car.

I mean, at least that’s the version of the story that I heard.

I am sure that we have all at least heard about the world’s greatest golfer running into a fire hydrant and crashing his car into a tree on the night of Thanksgiving. When reports first came out about this incident, most were concerned with Woods health and whether or not his golfing career was in jeopardy. Well, those worries have subsided now that we found out his injuries were only cosmetic and that his swing hasn’t been harmed.

So, the story is over…nope, now the real story begins.

Infidelity, violence, facial lacerations; now that’s what people want to hear about. Now that concerns for Tiger’s health are out of the picture, the media figures it’s time to rip this guy’s marriage, hell, his life apart. Headlines read, ‘Tiger Woods Reportedly Mentions Purchasing Wife a Kobe Special’ and ‘Five Things You Need to Know About Tiger Woods’ Alleged Other Woman.’

Is this news? Is this even legal? I can’t help but feel bad for poor Tiger (I mean other than all the golf championships, billions of dollars and from the stories, great sex life).This guy has had an amazing career without any scent of controversy. He goes ahead and crashes his car into a tree while leaving his driveway, just like a large percentage of America’s 16-year-olds, and proceeds to cordially invite the media to destroy his life.

In fact, if the rumors about his wife’s rabid attack are true, the media instigated the fight in the first place as The National Enquirer ran a story about a supposed Woods’ affair the week before Thanksgiving. Now, the media animal has sniffed some blood and is licking its lips at a chance to exploit Woods’ even more.

What happened to reporting the facts? I guess internet sites and tabloids don’t have to follow any kind of rules when it comes to reporting the truth. Its like the media has been jelous because they are always slicing their drives, and now its time to get back at this guy. Woods asked for privacy from the media, yet his wishes have been neglected by the media like octa-mom’s babies. He is arguable the world’s greatest athlete, so this means he has no privacy?

This whole situation is unfair. Yes, I am curious as to what exactly happened to Woods, but that doesn’t mean that I have the right to know. He has a right to privacy along with his family and that should be respected. I never really cared for Tiger before, but I have instantly become a fan and hope that he comes out of this the same golfer that he was before.


One response to “Give This Guy A Break

  1. I like this post, Phil. Wish you had voiced some of this in class today when Tiger came up. I agree with you, but you also have to know that celebrities today — which includes athletes, actors, musicians and politicians — do get scrutinized more than the average citizen. Part of the fame and the cost of all the millions they earn is that people care about them. People want to be like them. They want to know their secrets.

    Tiger may not like this. I certainly don’t. But it’s reality. Rather than hiding from it, he should figure out how to live with it. As I said, maybe he should invite David Letterman for a few rounds of golf.
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