Oh F***



Dirty words exist for a reason.  My belief is so that people may use them.  I mean, they are in the dictionary as acceptable forms of expressing anger and frustration.  Sometimes you just can’t get your point across unless you use them.

So the questions is, when can you use them?

Colorful language isn’t viewed badly by everyone.  Even the practically perfect in every way, Julie Andrews swears.  But people who are in the limelight and journalists, whose stories may be in that same light should convey messages with some censor.

Recently, California’s “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger found a very interesting way of telling Assemblyman Tom Ammiano exactly what he thought he should do with his proposed bill in a carefully constructed acrostic poem.  The letter to the Assemblyman sincerely sent one message.



The message “hidden” between sentences is a clear one.  In the political world, where you have to scrutinize every last syllable you utter, Schwarzenegger chose to go out on a limb and speak his mind.  This “freedom of speech,”  is the beauty of journalism.  Especially modern journalism, like blogging.  If you want to say it you can.  As long as you understand an accept the consequences of what you are saying.

The key to swearing without offending too many people is knowing when to do it.  Swear words should be used only when the impact of the story will be reduced without their presence.  Otherwise, how the hell are you going to learn a fucking thing about the shit going on in the world?


One response to “Oh F***

  1. Fun last post Megan.
    OF course, how you speak reflects on who you are and influences how readers see you and how much they trust you. So words matter. Also, swear words lose their punch when they are overused.
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