The perks of being informed

I’ve always been a fan of TV news. I am a religious watcher the Today Show. Every morning, I roll out of bed with my cup of coffee and turn on channel 3 to hear the latest celebrity/medical/social gossip. Honestly, I never thought much about the mechanics of it until I began taking this class. But now, I catch myself not only being more aware of the media but also more critical.

And Nancy Grace is the one getting the brunt of my criticism.

I must confess that I’ve always disliked the woman.  She rants and raves about flawed police systems and family murderers to a point where she claims herself to be some sort of expert. She constantly badgers people on her show, even to the point of being rude and malicious. Yet, her show, Nancy Grace, still airs and for some reason unknown to me million listen to her crude, judgmental comments that have no real basis other than to bolster her ratings.

Lucky for me, journalism class has given me the facts to really back up my criticism of her.

When it comes to the images on her show, 90% of hers are simply grotesque. They aim at a shock factor rather than give any real solid information to the audience.  Her interviews? I get dizzy from all the circles. When someone doesn’t give an answer she likes, she badgers them until they’re stuttering for words and then uses their vulnerability as an opportunity to make unfounded accusations.

My point being? Even though journalism is not my strong point by far, this class has most definitely given me the tools I need to be an informed reader or watcher in this case. I might not be able to write my own pieces, per say, but I will certainly be able to make an informed opinion about the ones I choose to read.


One response to “The perks of being informed

  1. Great, great, great, Brittany. I’m thrilled that you have become such a critical viewer. Keep it up. Your comments about NG are spot on. I couldn’t agree more.

    Don’t doubt yourself. You can write your own pieces. Once you understand the mechanics of how basic stories work, you can start exploring more complex forms. Feature writing can be immensely creative.
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