Catch Me, If You Can!

Buffalo Newspaper… boring
New York Times… boring
Radio…enough, said.

Blogs are due, yet again, journalism has yet to inspire me. So, without digging into a depressing state of mind, where should I look for inspiration and a topic to discuss, this time?

No wonder two out of every three people face depression; there’s an inspiration drought!

I would gain more inspiration watching grass grow than reading a newspaper.

Nowadays, newspapers are only good for one thing– training dogs. I’m just going to lie the Buffalo newspaper’s Sunday edition on the kitchen floor then watch my German Sheppard squat on it.

I’m sorry to say but, some of you are completely dependent on the newspaper for a point of view or a topic to discuss in class. All the same, I would rather surf Google’s search engine and read something, a bit more, educational and useful than pick up that newspaper.

There are bigger things happening in the world then, I don’t know, Bruce Springsteen.
Seriously though, If you think I’m going to attend college for four years to learn to write about trivial pursuits and celebrities, well then, you deemed me a monkey’s uncle.

I am far more concerned about my well-being and economic strife than reading a subjective, recycled piece of paper for ideas, let alone, news. I rather read a story about jobs and health opportunities or rather a dissertation hinting toward the next, open job market.

As the seasons progress, newspapers continue to swing and miss in my ballpark.

New stories forever lionize or “indignify” someone or something by adding fuel to fire and venom to rage. Nonetheless, news channels seem to contradict one another on a day-to-day basis. Why do you think people are ambivalent when asked about their opinion on health-care? Maybe because, the media has obscured the public’s perspective for so long that now we can hardly distinguish a firmly held belief from an opinion.

It is imprudent to assume that the newspaper will suggest something useful or sensible; like moving out of the country in search of a better life. And yet, that idea is far more interesting than the war on terror.

In a society where bad news graces the newspaper and broadcast headlines, people will indefinitely, be unhappy. (This stuff has a serious impact on our moods people!)

Have you ever wondered why neighbors are so grumpy, friends are so needy and strangers are so shady? I think it is because of their given circumstance in comparison to one’s own. That is to say, there’s not enough good-news to appease everyone.

Have you ever noticed how people act during government tax-returns? Upon receiving good news, recipients are overtly happy and awfully generous. So yeah, money can help and so can good news.

Unfortunately,, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So be it, my debt gets higher and my change gets shorter. So much for good news.

Just imagine if we lived in a digitarian society. Our quality of life would improve; our dignity would be safe from harm therefore, newspaper headlines would be exquisitely different. Dare to dream?


2 responses to “Catch Me, If You Can!

  1. Whew, Franklyn, you cover a lot of ground in this post. I am at a loss to comment.

    Sorry journalism has yet to inspire you. The trick is, everything you read — online or otherwise — IS journalism. Someone wrote it with the view of having it read. That’s what journalism is today. Newspapers are just one way of aggregating that content. I think they do a good job — not always, but overall. I hope they continue in some form, even as they are augmented by the Internet.
    Grammar: 2.5

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