All This Thinking is Making My Head Hurt

As I sit here trying to figure out idea for assignment 2, I realize that this is not likely what a real journalist goes through. Real journalists are given assignments and then have to work from there. I am terrible at coming up with ideas and wish this was the case.

I sit here bothering my roommate bugging her for ideas. Still we’re coming up with nothing. Where do journalists come up with these ideas that aren’t news related?

I sit and read a lot of newpapers and most of the things they write about is boring, yet it gets approved and into the paper. I like my odd news. News that’s out there. It’s less boring.

Even still, that kind of news isn’t something you can come up with. Instead, its news that happens. That’s the challenging part.


One response to “All This Thinking is Making My Head Hurt

  1. Content: 4
    News of the weird is all around us. Start with odd places/people on campus:

    The trash collectors/dump — you could write an odd story about the weird stuff they collect or how much trash students generate. Which building generates the most?

    Gym — what gets left behind? Who uses it — when? There might be odd stories there.

    Food — What’s the most popular food on campus? The least popular?

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    Grammar: 3
    Pets always make odd tales — who has them on campus? I’ve seen various profs with dogs in their offices. Why? What effect does it have on students?

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