My name in lights

Ok, maybe not in lights but definitely in print!

Who would have thought that people actually wanted to read what I had to say?  Not just read it, like it!

Of course my parents are proud and call me every Thursday to tell me what a great article I wrote.  They’re my parents, what are they supposed to say?

But now I think I may have actually started to develop a name for myself.  I know, it’s just a little, local, off-beat paper but it’s still a paper and my name is still in it.

Yesterday my brother called to ask if I was writing for Artvoice.  When I responded affirmatively he mentioned that an old high school friend of ours went out of the way to call him to inquire about my most recent article.  Apparently he recognized my name and thought enough of the quality of my writing to call and compliment me.

On Friday I was out with friends for a happy hour cocktail.  I struck up a conversation with a stranger and the inevitable question, “what do you do for a living?”, came up.  When I responded that I was the food writer for Artvoice he smiled and said, “I love those articles, I look forward to them every week!”


But enough about me.

How do you make a name for yourself in this business?  What sets you apart from the countless other writers trying to get their name out there?

To answer my own questions I did what any good journalist would do, I researched.

Sifting through countless articles upon articles, one overwhelming theme developed.  A great journalist has passion. A great journalist doesn’t look at journalism as just a job but a way of looking at the world.  A great journalist lives journalism.

I am working on the education, it seems as though I may have the right skills and I KNOW I have a passion.

Those lights are going to shine bright!


One response to “My name in lights

  1. Content: 4 You get points just for your enthusiasm. I’m sure you’ll do amazing things.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 3

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