Power Up– For The Period of Information Overload

Lately, I have felt sore, sick, achy, tired, unhappy and unmotivated. I think there is a bug, eating me alive from the inside. It could be related the H1N1 flu vaccine. Or maybe, it’s related to the time, during the school year, where students endeavour to cram months of overdue readings and/or assignments over a 12 hour night shift.

I hope I don’t have to remind you of how silly and unhealthy that is. I am sure most of you already know from experience. In any event, I do feel inclined to share with you, a little secret I have researched for the past month. The secret is actually composed of secrets (plural). Secrets of ingredients that are “almost completely” natural. In familiarizing yourself with natural  ingredients, you could have a better chance of scoring a lot higher than you had with nicotine and coffee. These secret, natural supplement ingredient(s) will fortify your –mind– and your scholarly performance.

I researched for key ingredients that would keep me awake, focused and persistent without succumbing to a “red bull crash.” I found a medley of natural brain spurring ingredients, otherwise called supplements integrated into powders, pills, and drinks to help the busybody athlete, student or laborer progress.

Upon my research, I found very few products that contained all the key and necessary ingredients to optimize performance. Many manufacturers offered supplements that contained one of the inherent ingredients, albeit it did not have the same effect as, lets say, something that offers the whole package; however, the FDA will not support this claim.

In any case, the FDA has yet to support a claim related to natural herbal supplements or anything of that nature (no pun intended). They will however, say that “natural products may help.”

There is no merit in pulling off all nighters if your brain is not physically fit to apprehend and retain information.  You could strike a better chance, in so doing, if you properly prepare this event with rest, wholesome foods and supplements. I’m sure, by now, you are aware that food has a pivotal effect on your body, brain and mood. In that light, lets put away our coffee mugs, caffeine pills and friend’s Adderall, and try something, invariably, new.


One response to “Power Up– For The Period of Information Overload

  1. Content: 3 Your topic is interesting, but you need to relate it more to journalism. How? Easy — talk about how media reports on health or on natural remedies. Do they give it good press or bad and how does that affect the public’s perception? Or talk about flus and how the media is portraying the flu. Does it feel different to read about the flu once you’ve had it? All these are valuable topics.
    LInks: 2
    Grammar: 2.5

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