I’d like to thank  Senior Sports Editor David Sanchirico at The Spectrum for getting Andy Rooney stuck in my head.

One day in the office, someone was being cranky so I told that person he sounded like the notorious staple of CBS’s 60 Minutes. After that, Sanchirico went on an anti-Rooney tangent as they both share the same hometown of Albany, N.Y. and he showed me numerous videos, such as one about computers and typewriters, on YouTube of America’s top curmudgeon that I thought were hilarious.

From there, I’ve discovered “The Andy Rooney Game” on YouTube and spent several hours watching clips spliced together that make Rooney sound even more foolish.

Reflecting back, I’ve come to a conclusion that the 90-year-old Rooney isn’t a journalist like his other 60 Minutes colleagues. He’s a social commentator, who points out things that most people don’t notice in their lives nor less care about. Or he discusses things in his personal life that are not that important like getting rid of his old clothes or whether or not he watches too much football. He doesn’t present anything newsworthy to the program such as other segments of the show.

Some people can be confused by this. A few of my family members consider Rooney as a news source, but I have had to explain to them that what he’s dictating is his take on things, rather than what the actual news.

I think this whole “Rooney Craze” I’m going through may have gone a bit too far, and is starting to leak into my work. May be it is time to lay off this fixation.


One response to “Rooneyism

  1. This is one of your best posts — snappy, to the point, with a twist of an end. So you can thank your sports editor pal for that.
    Content: 4 I agree, by the way, he does not deliver news. Wonder if he’s destined for the same fate as Lou Dobbs.
    Links: 3

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