What I Think Makes Great Radio

Since last week we talked about radio broadcasts, I thought I would share in how I interact with radio programs.

In my car, I love listening to the radio.  No no no, not MUSIC RADIO. Talk radio.  Mostly, WGR550 and Howard Stern.  These are 2 completely different styles of radio but I listen to them on a daily basis.

WGR55o in Buffalo is the only 24/7 sports radio station in the area.  I love the Bills and the Sabres.  I listen to the afternoon show which is hosted by Mike Schopp and the Bulldog. What I like about it is that they (usually) keep the show and the topics rolling.  During the sports season (fall) there are thousands of topics to touch upon in sports.  When they are talking to callers   The one thing you need in radio is a definite answer on a topic.  If you’re saying “maybe” or “I don’t know” about how you feel about a topic.  This is my one of many things I dislike about Bulldog.  He’s terrible on firstly getting a sentence out and secondly having a finite decision.  Schopp on the other hand usually has a good opinion or insight into the topic but loves to make fools out of his callers and hang up on them without giving them a final word.  Some shows are great, some are un-listenable, but I listen anyway.


Because its Buffalo sports!  I watch every Sabre and Bills game and have to wait several days before games most of the time. How else can I pass the time in the car in between games?  Listen to music? PLEASE!

Howard Stern on the other hand, is the self-proclaimed “King of All Media” and is generally known to be a deviant and frowned upon by many because of rude behavior.  If you listen to the show however, devient maybe, but this is what makes his 5-million plus listeners coming back everyday.  I could listen to his show all day, everyday and not get bored.  It’s hilarious, fun and different than anything else on the radio.   Just when I feel like they’ve been on a topic too long, they moved past it and their is never dead air time (where no one is speaking).  When callers call in to voice their opinion, Howard listens, and gives his back.

What I love really love is the characters (aka employees).  Howards staff is like a reality TV show every morning starring him and his employees.  They talk, make fun, insult and even fight with one another sometimes filling up the entire show.  He even has a Howard Stern News department to report on his staff and their behavior.

If both shows seized broadcasting, I’ll just plug in my iPod.


One response to “What I Think Makes Great Radio

  1. Content: 4 Great stuff, Ryan. I like the way you dissected the contents of each program and the style of the host. Shows you are thinking like a journalist. Keep doing that. Think what you would do differently if you were reporting on it. Listen to how they talk — the structure of their sentences, the pitch of their voices, where they put stress and how it affects you as a listener.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 2 Lots of small errors, including a sentence that stopped part-way through. Watch it’s vs. its. Also, try to make your writing as clipped as the Schopp opinions you like. Don’t sound wishy washy. You could have started your blog with the second graph, for instance. Take out all maybes, usually, generally. They weaken your writing.

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