TV decency dwindles, will newspapers follow suit?

By Nick Coluzzi

Decency on TV is diminishing.

Decades ago, when Elvis appeared on TV, he was shot from the waist up.  This was because showing his gyrating hips was considered extremely indecent and inappropriate for people to witness.  Today, censoring that is laughable.

We live in a society that has gotten more sexual and carefree, to an extent.

Half naked girls and guys without shirts are constantly shown on TV, and I’m talking about basic cable channels, not Cinemax.

It has been a slow evolving change that has seen cursing, sexual acts and drug use creep into everyday TV.  This, of course, has people trying to restore decency to TV.

But what about newspapers?  They still seem to have decency to them.  But can it last?

As everyone has seen, or at least heard, The Spectrum had an illustration on its front page depicting two people having sex.  Was decency intact?  Of course not.  Could this be a trend that newspapers will soon follow?  I doubt it.

Newspapers and TV have different standards.  Newspapers have stayed constant in regards to the content it publishes while  TV, on the other hand, changes constantly with decency diminishing faster and faster.

It is well documented that TV never used to be the way it is today.  If one was to poll people back in the day and ask if they thought they’d be alive to see swearing, extreme violence, nudity and drugs on TV on a daily basis, the answer would be a resounding “no”.

But TV has changed, drastically.  In an age where newspapers are becoming a dying medium, how long will it be until we see decency within the newspapers go the route it has with TV?  It may be only a matter of time newspapers go this route in order to push the envelope and stay relevant.


One response to “TV decency dwindles, will newspapers follow suit?

  1. Not sure how I missed this. Sorry, Nick. Decency is a loaded word. Is hip swiveling indecent? It used to be, but no more. Who decides? In Europe, women routinely appear on magazines topless. But then men and women also shower together at public showers. And most European beaches are topless. This is not considered indecent, but normal. So, again, who decides?

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