The Sport Behind the Sport

By Phil

What interests me…? That’s it… sports!

But why… ?

It has excitement, action, surprise, humor and drama. It pits characters against each other, creates rivalries and crowns champions. Its good vs. evil, David vs. Goliath and supplies a stage where dreams can come true and unlikely heroes can emerge. It is a passionate sports world which involves the ecstasy of victory along with the torment of defeat.

The anticipation and storylines surrounding the ‘big game’ create a cinematic experience which can play with the audience’s emotions the same way that Hollywood does.

When I was watching the Sunday Night Football game on NBC between the Patriots and Colts, I realized that the cinematic experience is created by the broadcast journalists covering the event. The anticipation and formulation of storylines is initiated by the players, yet built up and drawn out by the media. I realized that some of the characters of today’s sports world such as Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals, would not be the lovable loud mouth of the NFL without the sports media.

It seems that the sports media is doing more than their journalistic duties when I look at it from this perspective. Instead of reporting the facts, it seems like they are instigators, looking for some kind of storyline to attach to a game between two teams or a bout between two fighters. They are searching for some rivalry or hatred that isn’t there in an attempt to increase the importance of the game.


That’s exactly what a sports journalist should do. They must search for an interesting and unique angle to transform just a ‘game’ into a ‘showdown’. They are looking for that human aspect of the game to capture the audience’s emotions, and I love it!

I am a huge fan of the way that sports journalists can hype you up for an event and supply you with a sub-storyline to follow while watching a game. Journalists have the amazing ability to make things personal as they bring the audience closer to the game by getting them emotionally involved in it.

I accredit my love of sports to sports journalists just as much as the game itself. My deep passion for football was born in my backyard, but groomed as I sat in front of the television every Saturday morning watching NFL Films with Steve Sabol, who said, “the shape of a football field is the shape of a movie screen.”



One response to “The Sport Behind the Sport

  1. Good post. Nice pacing. Keep watching and analyzing what your favorite broadcasters do. Then think of how you could emulate it. I can see you as a sports reporter/commentator.
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