Blogging is hard

By Danny Pittelli
So the more I write these blogs (almost) every week, the more I realize that blogging is much harder than I thought. As I state in almost every entry, I’m no writer, yet I thought posting once a week on the topic of my choice wouldn’t be that difficult.
I was wrong.
As I was sitting around today thinking about what to blog about, I decided to go back to basics in a sense and look at the first blog I was ever really into:
Last off-sesaon, as well as throughout the first half of the baseball season, I would check Matt Cerrone’s posts multiple times a day. He started out a few years back as just another fan who liked to write. After blogging for sometime, he quit his job and relied on donations and ad revenue from the blog to make his income. A gutsy move if you ask me. However before long, Cerrone started to appear on the Met’s pre- and post-game shows for analysis and commentary. Now, he is fully employed by SNY, has a staff of bloggers who post along with him multiple times a day.
The format of the site isn’t complex, and yet as I write, I can’t mimic it. He will sum up in a sentence or two what newspaper writers, other bloggers, or TV Personalities are talking about regrading the Mets or MLB, links to their articles, and then under each will put his thoughts in italics to let you know this is his opinion.
He is often witty yet insightful. These are just a few of the reasons I am a fan. My recent lack of following him, however, isn’t due to him, rather the dismal season the Mets had this year.

Like we learn in class, Metsblog has links on its front page to many other similar blogs that a sports fan might enjoy.
Thankfully there are people out there like Matt Cerrone who can blog so professionally, because if this blog was my only source of income, I’d be out on the street.
Blogging is hard.


One response to “Blogging is hard

  1. Content: 4 Great post. Liked the way you began and ended with same conclusion. I’d like to see that site — I’m interested in how he posts. But you didn’t include the link — in fact, you didn’t include any links!! Where are they?
    Links: 0
    Grammar: 3 (although you are still making numerous small errors in grammar, punctuation and capitalization.) BE MORE CAREFUL

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