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We have discussed in class how the media has evolved from reporting news faster. It seems like a great idea. The world gets the news almost the moment it happens, and ratings go up. But what is too far? Is it too much pressure for journalists to be the fastest just so they can keep their jobs? We discussed last week, how journalists make up stories just to be on deadline and to “get the greatest” story. What about non-journalists…the people who make up stories to be in the news? “You guys said we did this for the show,” is balloon boy’s famous line. It’s the line that exposed his family’s hoax to the press.


All these forms of media: television; radio; the internet; and blogs, have they gone too far? The media is a way more people can be connected. There are a lot of people out there that want attention. They want their fifteen minutes of fame. Media’s evolution has allowed them to become a part of it and the media isn’t stopping them. We shake our heads in disgust, calling these people crazy and sick, but the media loves it. They love it because you can find the story anywhere. It pulls you in to kick up their ratings. They don’t care about the stuff behind the scenes.


What ever happened to real news people? I want the truth! But journalism’s expansion seems to be getting far from the truth. If I wanted to read made up stories, I’d pick up a book a the library.


One response to “& What’s next…

  1. Content: 4 Terrific stuff, Jessica. You are thinking like a journalist, a skeptical one at that! You raise wonderful issues. We should talk about this in class on Tuesday. I’m putting it on my list. Great last line. (although these days you can get fiction online, on a kindle, on your phone etc.)
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 3 Watch little errors. Mostly careless — a few misplaced commas, 15 not fifteen, Internet. But nice rhythm in your phrasing. Do you know you are doing this?

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