Cheap Shot

gossip girl

Even the popular CW TV show "Gossip Girls" isn't beyond a cheap shot here and there

I could sit here and thoroughly explain to you the details of the sex issue that came out this week in the Spectrum but perhaps the old cliché, a picture says a thousand words, will do just fine here.

I’ve heard a countless number of insights to this front-page picture, and I must say; I’m not surprised.  Some people think it’s morally wrong; ungodly of sorts. Others say it’s comical, or perhaps, pertinent to the issues faced by college students in today’s world. Me? One word can accurately explain how I feel; exploited.

Am I really that much of a cheap shot?

I mean come on; we’re all of age here. If what we really wanted was crude sexual images we’d hit up the nearest magazine shop or grab hold of a good porn site.

I feel this issue of the Spectrum was merely a ploy to get readers. Those of us who were here last year know all about the scandalous Generation magazine and its ultimate demise. It seems to me that the Spectrum is merely attempting to grab the scraps of people left behind after the fall of the Generation; willing to use any tactic to increase their reader power.

Hmm…sounds like politics.

Me? I’m not impressed. I refuse to be a sucker, to put it blatantly. After reading the articles within the paper, I was immediate wiped of any euphoria that might have been ensued by the cover. They were down-right bad. Quite honestly, if I had never read them, I wouldn’t be missing out on any truly insightful information.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always been a fan of the Spectrum. Despite its flaws, I feel it’s vital to the voice of our school to have a student-run newspaper.

That said, I’m still keen to the ploys of media propaganda. A brilliant, insightful, informative piece can never be substituted by a sexually explicit cheap shot.


One response to “Cheap Shot

  1. Content: 4 Great Brittany. Well-articulated. Don’t give up on The Spectrum. Maybe you should consider writing for them….
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 3

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