This is It


On March 2, 2009, Micheal Jackson announced his return to stage during a press conference held in London.

During the press conference, Micheal deemed his last 50 performances under the tour name “This is it.”

On June 26, 2009 Micheal Jackson passed away. His death inevitably signified the end of his tour. Mourning fans cried in anguish before celebrating Micheal’s life through public tributes to help pass the time.

In an effort to conciliate Micheal’s mourning fans, Micheal’s estates released an extensive documentary that captured Micheal’s “This is its” last rehearsal. As a token of appreciation to the pop legend and family, producers sent the film across the nation to grace the big screens.

After watching several trailers and clips of the film, I found myself sitting at Regal 8 theater in Buffalo, NY, watching Micheal Jackson on the big screen for the first and unfortunately, last time.    After the first 15 minutes of the movie, my face radiated with glee by Michael and the audience singing the harmonious words to ” Human Nature.” Michael sang softly and said, “I’m conserving my voice.”  Be that as it may, every song evoked a flash of warm nostalgic light. Chills withdrew down my back. Each song is meticulously synchronized with an action that emphasizes its impact on the ears and eyes. This film invites us to witness this musical magic and apprehend Micheal’s  magnificence both on stage and on the microphone for one last time.

I have never watched a performance film that orbited around rehearsal material. Surprisingly enough, the film is ultimately a learning experience and an entertainment factor. You learn about “the man in the mirror” and at the same time you are kept occupied through stunning performances by Micheal’s gravity-defying dance crew.  The film was beyond anything I had ever imagined or seen. I remember walking out of the theater more saddened by his death than I had ever been. The documentary remained true to Micheal’s spirit (something he would be happy about).

One of the most fascinating aspects of Micheal’s ability, after a 10-year hiatus, is his persistent accordance with his talents. Rolling Stones regards Micheal’s performances outstanding and remarkably unique. Lets face it, the man has a great sense of style and a daring taste for entertainment. It’s obvious that he is a very well-rounded musician who knows every scale and cadence to his songs. Michael had practically engineered all his music, as well as its corresponding videos, dance-sequences and performances. (Micheal also fashioned his wardrobe.)

What really inspired me about this film is its daring, unusual and inventive faculty. The editor did a remarkable job tying reels of footage and polishing the video-package for the fans to open and experience.  In a nutshell, the editing is simply flawless. The film gracefully moves from one performance to the next in a gratifying tempo. Every performance has a solitary theme and intricate process. Michael executed lots of special effects to make himself appear as a musical magician. A mechanical spider  walked across the stage and opened up like a transformer to eject Michael from inside. Ultimately, the film is a testament to Michael’s fans. Fans will rejoice in Micheal’s presence for 121 minutes.


2 responses to “This is It

  1. Michael Jackson actually died on the 26th of June! I was standing outside of UCLA medical center just hours after it happened.

  2. Content: 3 Good idea to use Michael Jackson film for the blog, but I would like more of a connection to journalism. What did critics say? Did media hype the film and Michael? He’s a person media helped create and destroy. Why not talk about that as well as your personal connection to him?
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 2 Again, lots of errors. Print this post and come talk to me.

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