Pictures can make a story.

As I am reading through many of this weeks blog posts, I see that many people focused on pictures and photojournalism.  This is based either on the recent front page of the Spectrum or just thoughts based off of the classes recent speaker.  Regardless of what sparked the interest, it has made me very happy.

Having grown up with a photographer for a father and always having an interest in photography, it is nice to see people appreciate the power of it in the media.  Aside from working for the Spectrum, I feel as though UB doesn’t offer much in the world of photojournalism, something which anyone who has ever seen or read the news can relate to.

Try watching a news report on TV without having a graphic or photo appear next to the reporters head, or opening a newspaper or wedsite and not seeing picutures everwhere.  It just doesn’t happen

Pictures are important and though according to some the print newspaper is dying, the online shift is only making it more conducive to show the world more and more photos.  It is a photographers dream to be able to cover an event whether political, sport, or otherwise and have the general public see more than just one photo from it.

To end I would like to thank Derek Gee for speaking with our class and once again reinforcing the fact usefulness and importance of photojournalism.


One response to “Photojournalism

  1. Content: 3 Glad you like photos so much Danny, but get deeper. Tell us why. What do you like about them? How do they (for you) tell stories. This is what makes a blogger valuable to a reader. Anyone can say they like photos.
    Links: 1 Again, more creativity here. IF you love photography, link me to some of your favorite sites.
    Grammar: 3 Watch ‘s this week’s blog, classes’

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