My “Moderately Difficult” Dream Job

By Carrie

I was flipping through channels on Sunday night when I came across my FAVORITE channel- National Geographic. They were showing a program about the supposed end of the world on December 21, 2012 as predicted by the end of the Mayan calendar. It reminded me, once again, of my dream job. I would kill (well, not literally) to write for National Geographic Magazine or the National Geographic Channel.


Cover of National Geographic Magazine, February 2009

Imagine getting to go to the most remote places on the Earth to experience the most fantastic events and share them with the rest of the world.  Imagine getting to learn about things that other cultures have kept secret for thousands of years. Even thinking about it gets me worked up.

This got me thinking – what does it really take to write for a publication like Nat Geo? I  found a website outlining the steps someone should take if they want to become a National Geographic journalist. Most of it is pretty obvious – get a degree and get some journalism experience – but what struck me as interesting is that the site ranked the difficulty of attaining my dream job as “moderately difficult.” Imagine that – only moderately difficult. It made me laugh to think what would happen if I put in moderate work to attain my moderately difficult career. I would be left in the dust by the growing pool of prospective journalists.

I guess this is a misconception that people have about journalism. People assume that it is a moderately challenging profession – not like becoming a lawyer, a doctor or the president of the United States, which the site ranks as “challenging” career paths. Thinking about all of this led me to check out the National Geographic job search site, something I haven’t had enough time to look into in the past, and I was excited to find out that National Geographic offers internships pretty much all the time. That coupled with the fact that a friend’s step-sister writes for the magazine and has been all over the world with them could make for a potential internship possibility in the future. Uh oh, I’m getting all worked up again.


One response to “My “Moderately Difficult” Dream Job

  1. Content: 4 You are aptly applying your research skills. I like that. Dare to dream. If Nat Geo is what you want, then go get it. Get yourself an internship. (you might also get yourself some photography training — nothing better than a reporter who can shoot great photos). Wanting something badly enough is the first step to getting it.

    Links: 3 Like the Mayan story.
    Grammar: 3 Your writing has improved greatly since the start of the semester. Do you realize how much?

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