I Like Pictures

I don’t read articles unless they have a picture.  When I skim the newspaper or scroll through articles online, I only find myself stopping to read the article when the picture seems interesting.  If there’s no picture at all, I rarely read the article.Camera

It’s not something I do on purpose, but I only read what draws my attention.  Pictures do that very well, they’re colorful, interesting and informative.  Many times I’ll see a picture and a bunch of questions will pop up in my head.  Then, in order to answer those questions I read the supporting article.

The picture helps me visualize a story better, making it easier to comprehend.   The picture has to be interesting to me.  If it’s a picture of a random building or of a random landscape, then I still will not be interested in reading the article.

I guess I am a very visual person.  I’m drawn to more colorful newspapers like USA Today, even if their content isn’t as great as that of The New York Times.

Written by: Greg Borowiak


One response to “I Like Pictures

  1. Content: 2.5 This is decent, but rather flat. Great that you like pictures, but why? What grabs you? Show some examples of stories you read just because they had good pictures. Also, I can’t believe that if a story was in the paper on a topic you cared about, you wouldn ‘t read it if there wasn’t a picture. If it’s true, then prove it to me. Show me.
    Links: 1.5 This link is weak. Link me to great journalism photos or photos that tell amazing stories — photos that draw me and keep me. Or info on why photos matter or how they are absorbed by the brain. You get the idea.
    Grammar: 3 Good here.

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