A picture is worth more than words

photographerBy Nick Coluzzi

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

While this may hold truth, I believe a picture is far more valuable than words.

A picture can often tell a story far better than words ever could.  With a single snap of the camera a picture can capture emotion, a moment or a historical event, or even all three at once.

Words can tell a story and describe the meaning behind a picture, but it can never visually show you what a picture captures.  It never leaves the impact that a picture has because a picture is more memorable and sticks with you longer.

Seeing a picture allows the viewer to be in that moment and immerse themselves within the picture and visualize what it is like to be in that moment at that instance.

Pictures are still frames of the past.  They are single frame videos of history.

All types of media should take advantage of pictures because it quickly attracts the eye’s attention.

Articles with a picture get more recognition because the story has a “face” to it.  The picture entices you to read the story attached to it.  The more visually compelling a picture is, the more likely the story will get notice and be read.

Pictures are so powerful that sometimes ethics are discarded in order to produce the perfect picture to tell a story; but that is a story for another day.


One response to “A picture is worth more than words

  1. Content: 4 Yes, photography is an amazing medium and some journalists don’t use it enough. But words have their place, too. Understanding who a person is or where a photo was taken or the story behind the picture can evoke deeper meaning than just the still frame. The key to working new media is to understand the strengths of each medium and use each to tell compelling stories.
    links: 3
    Grammar: 3 You really have a lovely voice as a writer, Nick.

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