The Power of Pictures

By Phil Genco

Photography? Art? or Both?

Derek Gee’s presentation did something for me that not many things have done this semester.

 It got me excited about journalism.

 Don’t get me wrong, the different speakers and field trips that we have gone on throughout the semester have taught me a lot and provided me with great insight into the journalism profession. Gee’s presentation was also very informative, but his photos seemed to just catch my eye.

 I am certainly interested in all aspects of journalism, but the subject of photojournalism brought out some kind of a passion in me. I have always loved drawing and creating images, and the way that some of Gee’s photos told a story amazed me.

 Gee talked about how a photo must capture the meaning of a story and tell that story exactly how an actual article does. He also said that photojournalism is about people, and that a photographer must include the human aspect in their photos.

 Photos have the ability to capture a moment and display human emotion in a way that words cannot.

 Gee’s slideshow of President Obama’s Inauguration was a great example of how personal emotion and background can be displayed through photos. At first thought, photographs seem like a stationary element, yet they have the ability to talk to viewer and tap into them emotionally.

 The most important thing that I learned from Gee is that photography is art. Not only must a photo capture the who, what, where, when and why of a story, but it also has to be visually interesting and pleasing to the eye. Gee showed a lot of different techniques like angles and playing with the lighting which can create an interesting image.

 What really interested me about photojournalism is that Gee isn’t just out there doing a job. The same way that a writer tries to create a unique story, a photographer is being creative and putting his own artistic touch into his photos in order to set them aside from others.


I have always loved art, and its great to see how art and visual expression is so closely linked to photo-journalism. I also love sports, and it is awesome to see how big of a role photographs play in covering sporting events. Sports are full of emotion on and off the field, controversy and undoubtedly tons of action.

Photojournalism seems like something that I could do as well as something I would love to do.


One response to “The Power of Pictures

  1. Content: 4 Great that you felt inspired by Derek and photojournalism. Journalism needs multi-talents, so maybe you could be a photographer who also reports or someone who puts together multi-media packages.
    Grammar: 3

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