Just for Fun?

By: Brittany Sager

As I looked at all of Derek Gee’s breath taking photographs that he presented on Thursday, I couldn’t help but think of my roommate, a photo major, and what a kick she would have gotten out of this.


We had some fun drawing on our dry-earse board, until our drunk neighbors stole our marker..

I have to admit, having a photographer as a roommate has come quite in handy; no more worrying about wonderful Facebook pictures or looking back on a good time and saying, “Damn, I wish we had pictures from that.” It is as though our never-ending escapades are always carefully documented; she takes the pictures, uploads them to the web, and I add the captions.

Hmm…sounds familiar.

We’ve spent a good portion of our time in class debating the question, “What is journalism?” As we’ve found out, it’s not an easy question, especially with the rise of the internet and the decline of newspapers. So, I ask myself, is what my roommate and I doing akin to journalism?

Of course, we can debate the definitions, weigh the probabilities, blah, blah, blah but when it comes down to it, journalism is simply what we make it. I’m sure if you asked a columnist 15 years ago if someone writing on Livejournal was a journalist, they most certainly would have had a nice little laugh at your expense.

Maybe what we’re doing is just pure college fun, or, maybe it’s a little more than that. While I don’t expect us to start a web revolution of any sorts, it wouldn’t surprise me to see our budding interest pop up on some commercial website.

After all, Twitter is a mere reflection of “status updates” on Facebook. Why couldn’t our post-a-photo, add-a-caption amusement become the next big Tweet?


One response to “Just for Fun?

  1. Content: 4 Hey, you may have the next big online discovery! Go for it.
    Glad you liked Derek’s photos. He’s a lovely guy. I may bring him on to teach visual journalism next fall. Tell your roommate.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 3 breathtaking is one word.

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