Boredom of Journalism

Boring class

By. Chad-Cinque

What to blog about this week? I can’t keep writing about writing. Is it really necessary to post a blog every week? Ugh, I have so much other homework to do.

Back in September I wrote about how I always knew I wanted to be a journalist. I said in a previous blog, “I loved the idea of writing a weekly blog. I salivated over the idea of commenting on relevant and important issues.   My heart pounded over the notion of having people read and respond to my viewpoints.”

That was then, this is now.

I love writing. I love blogging. But as the semester rolls on and the school work pills up, it’s becoming harder and harder to find topics to write about in this journalism blog.

My teacher said, “You are free to comment on and critique all aspects of journalism, how news stories get covered, anything really, AND I want you to write about your experiences in journalism.”

Ok. Cool.

But how much can you write about writing? If I have no journalism experiences, so what can I talk about? I’m probably just complaining because it’s the end of the semester and whining since I’m just getting over the flu.

But my point is – I can read all the tips for journalism students. But I’m learning that these tips mean nothing without motivation. Motivation is the key to writing.

Journalists do not always have the privilege of writing about topics that interest them. It is their job to cover a story no matter how boring it is to them. As well as it is their duty to craft their article to the best of their abilities. The quality should not be affected by the interest.

Regardless, that’s easier said than done.

I never knew it would be so hard to blog. But the bottom line is that in order to be a journalist you must separate your interest from your job. Hopefully, I will be able to listen to my own words. Until then, I probably should start brainstorming next weeks blog topic now.


One response to “Boredom of Journalism

  1. Content: 4 One of the main reasons I force you to blog every week is to show you how hard it can be to find a topic. Blogging, like writing, is work. But the more you do it, the more adept you get.

    Also, you do have experiences in journalism. That is what the class is about. Blog about radio or TV or interviewing or searching for a topic for Assignment 2. Everything we touch on in class is open. Blog about the way your favorite movie was reviewed — or the press coverage your favorite artist got. Anything.
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    Grammar: 3

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