Tuition at UB to be doubled in 2010

By Nick Coluzzi

Before anyone panics, the headline is false.

But it did catch your attention even if you weren’t going to read this post — and that’s the point.

Having a good headline is possibly the most important part of your article.  Why?  Well, if you weren’t grading this post would you probably wouldn’t be reading the words that came after the headline.

What if the headline instead read “I like the color blue”?  Would that catch your eye and make you read what was typed after?  Of course not.

Having a good headline entices the reader to look at your article, post or whatever it is you’ve written.  The lead and nut graph makes the reader want to continue reading.

Without a catchy headline an article is more likely to be glanced over.

How many times have you picked up a newspaper or magazine without any intention on looking at a specific article?  I do it all the time.  I glance at the page browsing the headlines and only stop at the ones that attract my attention.

Boring headlines lead to boring articles.  If an article is so interesting, it will have a headline to match the “must read” news.

Perhaps the most obvious example of my point is the tabloids.

When I stand in line at the grocery store I glance at the magazines at the check-out line.  I don’t want to, but I have to.  With no intention on buying such magazines, why then do I look at each cover?  Is it to kill time before my items pass the scanner?  No.  It is because the headlines smack me in the face.  Or better yet, poke me in the eyes as if to say, “look at me!”  The headlines are so catchy and juicy it nearly makes me want to buy the garbage magazines.

Having a good headline will make a person stop and at least read the first few sentences.  A bad headline, on the other hand, will lead to an article getting overlooked more often than not.


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