False ad for the Phillies = Loss of Integrity

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Whoa Philadelphia, let’s not get carried away here, they’re still down 3-2.   Yesterday the Philadelphia Inquirer printed a premature ad after Game 4 of the World Series on the back of their paper congratulating the Phillies on their second consecutive series victory.  Who in the right mind approved this ad?

I understand that to be timely in journalism, you need to plan ahead for every type of situation.  Especially if the outcome is 50/50.  Thus, Macy’s created this newspaper ad to celebrate the Phillies World Series win.  But as we saw at the Buffalo News, there are several steps that need to be taken to get an ad in the paper.  Setting up a page size, coloring, pricing, how long it runs for, etc.  Either they’re all dumb down at the Philadelphia Inquirer or it’s just one dumb person running everything.  How could this have gotten by so many people that it actually makes it to print?

I mean with all the editing that goes into articles in journalism, breaking down every word and sentence, all it takes is this untimely ad to smear the integrity of the newspaper so many people pour their lives into. The Inquirer ‘deeply regrets this error’ but it’s not enough to win back the trustworthiness of the readers.  If they can miss such an ad in their own paper, what else are they missing in their articles?

Maybe if they win however, the newspaper can issue a release saying “We told you so”.


One response to “False ad for the Phillies = Loss of Integrity

  1. Content: 4 Good post. Amazing blunder. Left everyone in the news business speechless. Great that you mentioned it — and yes, one error like that can make readers doubt the integrity of the whole paper, not just the ad dept.
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