Don’t Take My Word For it…

The death of newspapers? I think so. Still not convinced?

David Simon writer for The Baltimore Sun from 83-95 and creator of the HBO series The Wire thinks so too. But my opinion lacks the upbringing Simon has to understand the world of journalism.  Simon has taken more than enough time out of his life to promote the future of the newspaper.

He warned that “high-end journalism is dying in America.” And that “unless a new economic model is achieved, it will not be reborn on the web or anywhere else.”

An extended conversation with Simon reveals more of the same. In another conversation hes goes on to say:

High-end journalism is a profession. It requires daily full-time commitment by trained men and women who return to the same beats day in and day out. Reporting was the hardest and, in some ways, most gratifying job I ever had. I’m offended to think that anyone anywhere believes American monoliths as insulated, self-preserving and self-justifying as police departments, school systems, legislatures and chief executives can be held to gathered facts by amateurs presenting the task — pursuing the task without compensation, training or, for that matter, sufficient standing to make public officials even care who it is they’re lying to or who they’re withholding information from.

I agree with everything Simon had to say. He comes across as knowledgeable about the subject to the point were whatever he says sounds true. I can’t be too confident that he’s right but it’s sure hard to say he’s wrong.


One response to “Don’t Take My Word For it…

  1. Content: 3 Wonderful to bring Simon into the discussion. I, too, agree with him. I’d like to hear more from you, though. What do you see as the future of journalism? Where are we headed? What can you learn from Simon’s career. Expand. Take me beyond what he has to say. I can find his comments by myself. It’s your additions that give your blog value.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 2 Lots of errors, still. I’m happy to review them with you if you want to print out the post.

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