Bad Storms, Lack of Food, Pirates?


Doesn't look much like Johnny Depp

By: Heather Hale

Last week a British couple was taken hostage by Somali pirates while sailing on their yacht from Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to Tanzania. Close family and friends had been following the couple’s online blog that details their ocean travels for the last nearly 4 years. Their second to last blog entry prior to the attacks said that they would be out of contact for awhile, and not to worry. If they had not set off their emergency beacon, then it would have taken people days/weeks to notice that something was off.

Their very last blog post to date raises questions though as to what they meant, what they were planning to write, what they might have been warning about. It simply says “Please Ring Sarah” as the title, nothing more.

Pirates are not what major companies such Disney have made them out to be in movies, but they are real savages and not just something in a fantasy world. While working at Disney World, I used to slightly cringe to see all of the young boys running around pretending to be and admiring pirates. Pirates are real terrorists who only seem to get media attention when they target people that the richest countries care about.

As of right now the couple is on land and the pirates are deciding between a “prisoner exchange” or seven million dollars for ransom. The couple has to be left in the hands of these pirates as they decide what they want to be done, hopefully a decision for the better is made very soon.

I wonder if after this ordeal they will be done with their traveling or if this will only make them stronger.

Also look forward to seeing their next blog post after they are safely released.


One response to “Bad Storms, Lack of Food, Pirates?

  1. Content: 3 Good topic. It covers everything from blogging to news to Disneyland, which I believe was the subject of your first blog! I would, however, like to see more meat on journalism. What has the coverage been? Has it helped or hurt the couple? How could blogging have helped them? What has the media done to romanticize the role of pirates?
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 2.5
    Watch confusing constructions (again a problem with pronouns)

    The couple has to be (HAS TO BE IS NOT THE RIGHT VERB HERE. JUST SAY IS) left in the hands of these pirates as they (WHO? WHEN I FIRST READ IT, I DON’T KNOW IF YOU MEAN THE PIRATES OR THE COUPLE. I HAVE TO READ TWICE TO UNDERSTAND THE MEANING) decide what they (WHO IS THEY?) want to be done, hopefully a decision for the better is made very soon.( THIS IS TERRIBLY AWKWARD AT THE END AND QUITE UNNECESSARY).

    A better line would be: The couple now lives at the whim of the pirates.
    Do you see why I am confused?

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