Write This For Me…In 3.5 Seconds

I have learned more from our in class exercise on Tuesday October 27, where we had to work under deadline, than I have from assignment one or anything else we have done. However, assignment one wasn’t a bad idea. The in-class assignment made things more real. We were given information to start off with, and we were given a time frame. Then all this information was thrown at us. It was new information that we could use to add to our story. Some of it was vital, some of it wasn’t.

The one thing I like about journalism is the deadlines. I am a procrastinator at best. I wait until the last minute to do things. It’s not a good way to go but it’s hard to sway away from this personality. Believe me, I’ve tried. Deadlines help and hurt this trait of mine because of the fact that I am a procrastinator. I work best, in writing, under pressure. When I have limited time to write, I am less likely to add all the excess jargon in my pieces. When I have more time on my hands, I seem to add more wits and clichés to my paper than needed or wanted.

Now, I just wish that that assignment had helped me to put better links into my blogs.


One response to “Write This For Me…In 3.5 Seconds

  1. Content: 4 Students either love or hate the deadline assignment and it says a lot about them. IF you love deadlines, you will be well-suited to journalism. It’s brain training. When you only have a short time to get everything in, your brain tends to hone in on what is important. Once you are good on deadline, you will never think the same again. If we had a computer lab to work in, I would do short deadline exercises throughout the semester.
    Links: 3 Good.
    Grammar: 2 You are making lots of little errors with commas. Do you need extra help understanding comma placement? I’d be happy to review with you. Print out this post and come see me if you are interested.

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