Using a broad spectrum of media

The Spectrum owns your soul

The Spectrum is now on YouTube.

By Ren LaForme

Something unusual happened at The Spectrum last week.

We put down our pens and reporter’s notebooks and picked up a video camera for the first time.

The Student Association was holding an election to select a new president. Things were getting heated between Hassan Farah, the former SA president who was recalled for punching another student in the face, and his former vice president, Ernesto Alvarado, who was pushing to take his place.

The friction between the two campaigners was intense. It seemed like a fight might break out. Keeley suggested that we use the small video camera we had in the office to document everything.

The video for the first day was choppy and the sound quality was poor, but it was enough to build our appetite for the multimedia experience. The next day we borrowed a professional camera and microphone from the Department of Media Studies and tried again. The results were noticeably better.

Can we still make improvements? Absolutely.

We’re not the best at making video packages. We’ve only made two so far and we used amateur editing software. But we can improve. There are a wide variety of resources available to help us learn.

And with our new partnership with SA to bring back SATV in a new format, things can only get better from here.

This new feature is going to propel The Spectrum into the future and prepare our staff for the world at large.


One response to “Using a broad spectrum of media

  1. Content: 4 Hopefully, in coming years, the JCP will be doing more multimedia and online work and you won’t have to teach yourselves! For now, bravo. Keep up the good work.

    Links: 3 Loved the News College link. Hadn’t seen that before. I will look at it carefully when I have time.
    Grammar: 3

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