Twitter Me This.

How did something so simple like talking to someone face to face become an inconvenience?

In the past year Twitter has exploded to become one of the most used social networking sites. Its revenues range from advertising to subscribers to e-commerce. But with an unstable economy the presumption that a site like Twitter’s will bloom didn’t seem plausible. But people eventually caught on and word spread.

Today Twitter is used for detailing days events to overthrowing a government. Whats the catch? How did something so universal and versatile bring people in? One way has to be peer pressure. It’s either you love it or hate it; theres no in between. So the people who love it will endorse their methods of social networking and promote the use. The people who hate are dragged in to something they find unavoidable. Soon its going to look like everyone will love it.

When did individuality become something that if theres no one on the other end then how will myself become vindicated? If thats the case then yes I do believe in  the near future there will be plenty of dot-com ideas just like this. But already we’re witnessing the emergence of apathy and indulgence with many business losing a ton of money becuase employees abuse the site. 

It does have its benefits but at what cost? During the Iran elections many people used the site to protest the results. This seems like a good thing until the thing you’re protesting about gets its hands on Twitter and starts spreading propaganda. I don’t have a twitter account now but I have a feeling I will soon.


One response to “Twitter Me This.

  1. Content: Great ideas here. Twitter is useful, yes. But also dangerous. I’m getting tired of it myself. I’d be interested to hear your take.
    Links: 3 Good
    Grammar: 2 Watch careless errors. Review rules involving ‘s. You need an ‘ when the noun is possessive.

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