Pestering for votes


By Nick Coluzzi

UB presidential candidates flock to students like pigeons to discarded food.

Every year during election season at UB, potential candidates eagerly greet students to get their vote.  For this reason alone I avoid the Student Union at all costs.

It is not because I do not believe in voting for the student body, I do.  Rather, it is because I do not want to be pestered to vote one way against the other.

Last year while I was innocently walking to the Student Union I saw hopeful candidates talk to students and hand out fliers announcing their plan if elected.  I even took a few fliers from various candidates.  However, simply taking their respective handout was not good enough.

Before I knew it I was engaged in a long conversation with each candidate I walked by.  This did not please me to say the least.  I was stuck in a conversation I did not want any part of.  In fact, it wasn’t even a conversation, it was a lecture.  I couldn’t get a single word in even if I yelled.

So what did I do?

I stood quiet while nodding and smiling politely.

When the conversation finally ended after what felt like an eternity, I starting walking to my destination.  That is, until three full strides later where I was greeted by another hopeful candidate.

Need I tell you what happened?

Now, don’t get me wrong, campaigning and talking to voters is an essential part of trying to get elected.  But from the “conversation” I had with each said candidate, nearly everything they said was verbatim as to what their flier already informed me.  So why the pointless conversations?  Being friendly is a good trait, but it will never sway my vote, nor should it sway anyone’s.

The point I’m making is there must be a better way to sway voter’s minds.  Pestering students is not the right way to do so.  After all, students make empty promises to vote for the candidate just to stop that person from chewing their ear off.

Being so pushy for a vote will end up hurting a candidate more than helping.  In my case, the most pushy candidate lost my vote.


One response to “Pestering for votes

  1. Content: 3 Good topic, would have been better if you had included some link to journalism. Perhaps how the Spectrum dealt with elections or how papers endorse candidates — is this also bothersome to you? I am, however, happy that you have tried to get more personal.

    Political campaigning always involves pushing to engage people and convince them of your viewpoint. That’s been part of America since we belonged to England.

    Links: 3 Good.
    Grammar: You have a clean, clear writer’s voice.

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