Newspapers Don’t Speak Back…They Speak Up

Last week in class, we discussed how we like our news: in print, on TV or online. Personally I like my news in the form of print. Televised news takes too long to say the news and I’m not a fan or reading too many words on a computer screen. With newspapers I can take my news with me and not disturb others with it. I’m not the only one who feels this way.

The written word is so much more effective than anything else to me. I can sit there and stare at the TV screen and not really listen to anything. But I can’t go back and rewind it, unless I have TIVO. With newspapers you can go back and reread things. You do things your way with newspapers. They give you that flexibility.

The way we get our news describes who we are. With newspapers, there’s a limit to what you can do. I enjoy it that way. Online news, you can voice your opinion and interact with others on current events. Televised news, you can watch with friends or family. Newspapers are usually meant for a single person, in my view anyways.

I like that with my newspapers I don’t have to interact with anyone else. There’s no comment box at the end of the article asking if I would like to make comments about the article and voice my opinion.

I’m all for the first amendment, I just think when websites leave that option for users to comment and share their thoughts; it creates a more hostile environment. Out of most of the comments I’ve looked through, I’ve seen hideous comments. People get so passionate and proud they forget how to talk to each other. I find that reading other people’s comments discourages me from continuing my news search online. It makes me lazier than I actually am. It makes me not wanting to get news at all.



One response to “Newspapers Don’t Speak Back…They Speak Up

  1. Content: 4 I love this post. I am going to save it. I love the idea of you NOT wanting to interact with others or respond, but to have a moment of quiet reflection with your paper. Wish you had mentioned this in class when we were talking about the values of various mediums. I’d like everyone to hear this.
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