Meet Chad

By: Danny Pittelli

Chad Taylor is a Buffalo native who has come a long way from his trouble-making days of middle school.

After being kicked out of Nichols School in 7th grade for, as he said, “peeing on the bathroom walls,” with some friends, Chad has decided to turn his life around for the better.  After a brief stint at Christian Central Academy, Chad returned to the Nichols School where he graduated in 2008.

Chad came to the University at Buffalo to pursue his dream of becoming a broadcast journalist.   Both his older brother and sister currently work in print journalism, but unlike them, Chad would like to be a news anchor reporting the news.

Over the summer Chad did an internship at Buffalo’s channel 7, where he learned a lot about broadcasting. Since taking the Intro to Journalism class, he has seen many stark differences between print and broadcast journalism, and has decided that he would much prefer to stick with the latter for his career.


One response to “Meet Chad

  1. Lead: 4 Excellent! You drew me in and kept me.
    Interviews: 2/3 You have good information here, but not enough of it. Tell me more about why he was bad at Nichols — what drove him. And why did he decide to behave. What were the differences in the schools — how did they affect him? You can’t say someone has come a long way and then not describe the transition.

    Also, why does he want to be a broadcast journalist? What does he like about it? What about the class so far has confirmed his convictions? To get good answers you need to ask good questions. Lots of them.
    Grammar: 3/3 This is your best bit of writing yet, I think. Keep it up.

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