Just wanted to be a Disney princess

Heather HaleTwenty-one year old Heather Hale of Watertown, NY in a short but sweet interview reviled to me that she has one of the biggest hearts. During her seven month stay on a Disney World resort enrolled in the Disney college program she was able to volunteer for a program called Give Kids the World a program that offers families with terminally ill children the opportunity to come and stay at no coast at the Give the Kids the World village.

As a volunteer her duties were to help the kids get involved in a life size game of Candy Land, also helping them make ginger bread houses. During this time of the child’s day it was a guaranteed nurse free zone where the children were never ask about their illnesses. Heather continued to say how her experience helping these children and their families have a good time touched her heart and made her a better person.

When she had first arrived at the resort her and a friend went to character auditions, there her friend landed a role as character and even though Heather had a sweet personality she sadly didn’t land the role she wanted as a princess.  “I wanted to be a princess” she said.

In reality even though she didn’t land the role of a princess she landed a great role as a candy land helper touching every child’s heart she met.  

We started off by having a conversation about what she had did over the summer and by the end I was happy to know that there are still people out there with big hearts.


One response to “Just wanted to be a Disney princess

  1. Lead: 3/4 Your instinct to sum up what you learned about Heather and then prove it in the piece is right on. The execution is not as strong, though.
    Why not simply say: Heather Hale exudes sweetness.
    Then go on to say why and incorporate her time as a candy land helper in there, too.
    Journalists want to say as much as possible in as little space as they can. It’s hard work.

    Interview: 3/3 You got a lovely story out of Heather, but I still have a lot of questions. Why did Heather participate in the program? Why does she like helping people? How does it make her feel? Did something happen in her life to make her want to give back? What is the source of her goodness? Ahhh….hard question, but hard questions often get good answers.
    Grammar: 2 Your old beast. I’d be happy to review some points with you.

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