Dancing for the thrill of it


By Nick Coluzzi

A typical Halloween night for most college kids involves dressing up in ridiculous costumes and consuming large amounts of alcohol.

Such is not the case for Lockport, N.Y. native Ren LaForme.

LaForme and a group of zombie friends display their talent when they perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance in its entirety, a tradition he and his friends have done every Halloween since 2004.

So where does LaForme and friends perform this dance?

Well, besides for innocent bystanders on the streets of Buffalo, N.Y. of course, they dance anywhere they can.  From house parties to haunted house and, yes, even retirement homes.

With choreography help from a friend, LaForme and his friends practice every Sunday night for three hours a month prior to the big night.

As if knowing the Thriller dance in its entirety wasn’t impressive enough, Michael Jackson’s Scream dance and various Nightmare on Elm Street dances are also incorporated into the act.

When asked why he got involved in performing the dances LaForme candidly replied, “I did it for the [explitive] tons of food!”

But, don’t ask LaForme to perform the dance anytime soon.  As of last year he has since retired from perform the Thriller dance to the masses.  However, it may be possible to get him to dance by enticing him with food.  Just makes sure it’s tons.


One response to “Dancing for the thrill of it

  1. Great bit of writing Nick.
    Lead: 4
    Interviewing 3
    Grammar: 3
    Great. Really.

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