Still skateboarding after all these years

By Chris Ryndak

Although Ryan Delmar is a UB student, university police have told him to never step on campus property.

When he was 16 years old, Delmar and some friends were skateboarding on South Campus. They went inside a building to grab some water and were met by two University Police Department cars when they returned outside.

They were placed under arrest and taken back to the police station on North Campus for processing where their parents eventually had to pick them up. They didn’t leave, however, without a warning from the officers.

“If I ever set foot on campus [again], they said they’d arrest me,” Delmar said.

But that hasn’t stopped Delmar. Six years after that incident, he’s now a junior digital media study major at UB and has to be on campus for classes. He still skateboards, but says he only use it for transportation purposes.

That’s mainly because of signs posted all over, especially in front of the Center for the Arts that discourage any type of recreational skateboard use.

Usually when he sees an officer, he runs or the officer will tell him to keep moving along. The police could charge him for trespassing, he said, but they generally leave him alone.

Skateboarding is something that he’s definitely not going to give up though. Delmar says he’s been skating for over nine years and has found a way to get paid for his passion. He works at Phatman Snow and Skateboard Shop on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda, N.Y.

However, his past does catch up to him once in awhile at UB.

“The police stopped me [for skateboarding on campus] two years ago,” he said. “They left me alone, but they said I was still in the database.”


One response to “Still skateboarding after all these years

  1. Lead: 4
    Storytelling/Interview 3
    Grammar: 3

    Forgive me for saying this, but you should really be a journalist. You have the talent, the instincts, the understanding of story and language. Great job.

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