Should a hobby become your career?

Attending the Crane School of Music was meant to set Brittany Sager on a path to incorporate her hobby of music into a career.  This plan quickly ended and she left the school after only one semester.


Brittany Sager is a 19 year old student at the University at Buffalo.  She has a passion for music and has been playing the drums since the fourth grade.  After high school Brittany planned on broadening her passion by taking music education in college.  She took one semester at the school before she realized that her passion for playing the drums did not carry over to teaching others how to play.

Once Brittany left the music school she had to plan out what path she was going to take to continue her academic career.  In her home town of Syracuse, New York, Brittany was able to watch the UB Field Band perform at the Syracuse University Carrier Dome.  After watching the Field Band she began to research the University at Buffalo and liked what she found.  Her back-up major has always been English since she enjoyed creative writing.  UB offered a strong English program and also provided Brittany with the opportunity to join UB Field Band.

Currently Brittany is an Intended English major and is adapting well to her new school.  She plays drums in the UB Field Band and has high hopes to earn an English degree at UB and use it to become a tech writer.

Written By: Greg Borowiak


One response to “Should a hobby become your career?

  1. Lead: 4/4 Good. Your instincts for telling the story are right on. The first sentence of the second paragraph should be folded in elsewhere. Don’t waste a whole sentence for it Say: Brittany, 19 and a student at UB, adores music and …..
    Interviewing: 2/3 You have the basics of the story here, but not the juice. What made her decide teaching was not for her? Tell me a specific moment — when she tried to teach something and xxx happened — that will help me climb inside her head a little. Also, why does she love music? Why the drums? You don’t see many girl drummers. Was that ever a problem for her? Did her family complain growing up with all that racket? Ask better questions, you get better answers.
    Grammar: 3 Good. Your sentences could be tighter and tidier though. Think about each word before you use it. Try to use as few words as possible.

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