Medias not the problem, We are.

As soon as the media has had an outlet to distribute the news, people have had the option of entertaining the news or not.

So why do so many people think that the media have horrible implications when dealing with society. I consume as much media as anyone consumes and I’m not getting a swine flu vaccination. Different people have different opinions. Some of you might agree or disagree with. The media should not have a definite influence on society. The media should only be used to inform and entertain thought; never to make people rally around an ideal.

The problem? The media has way too big of an impact on today’s society. People get opinionative over issues and try to put forth their own agenda’s. Certain parts of society will rise up and cry foul. The many don’t. But the certain few that do have a legitimate say. Some people may commit acts of violence some may protest but whatever the forum may be the media is always the correlation.

The swine flu outbreak is a perfect example. While it has been well documented that the regular flu is more deadly than the swine flu the outcry for vaccinations have overwhelmed doctors. The media only gave people advise on what to do to prevent the illness. Some people had self-control and went on with their daily business while some ran to the doctors to cause frustration and chaos.

The people are at fault. Society fads are a result of the media but the overreactions that people display need to stop. People should display self control; a wisdom that embodies us not to believe everything we hear.


One response to “Medias not the problem, We are.

  1. Content: 2 I have a feeling there is something valid in what you say, but your argument is not only hard to follow, but not supported by facts to support it. Why do you think the media has too big an impact on society? HOW? Prove it. Many would argue that the media’s job is to inform society.

    If you think the media is hyping swine flu, show me how. Show the number of articles written and stats that show the number of deaths is fewer than for regular flu. (I don’t think anyone knows this yet as the season is just beginning).

    Links: 3 Good links. You led me to some sites I’ve never seen.

    Grammar: 1 Your grammar is atrocious. I feel generous giving you one point. If you want to be a screenwriter, you need to work on your understanding of language. See me for grammar text ideas. I would also be happy to review your post with you line by line to show you where the errors lie.

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